Polarized Sunglasses for Cloudy Days As Well

January is a time of snow blizzards, ice, and cold in many places. Although it is cold and the snow sometimes falls, the sun will still shine. The sun shines in the United States more often than it does not, unless you’re in Alaska of course. So although it may be cold outside, protecting your eyes from the sun is not something that should be forgotten about.

polarized sunglassesAlthough your skin may not get damaged as much by the sun in the winter because it is not exposed, your eyes are always exposed to the harming UV rays. UV radiation is actually a greater threat to the eye than it is to the skin, making protecting your eyes extremely important. A great way to protect your eye is by wearing polarized lenses. Polarized lenses block harmful UV rays from entering or reflecting into your eyes.

At Blublocker we provide a broad array of styles that feature polarized lenses. We provide affordable and quality sunglasses that will keep your eyesight healthy and block harmful UV rays that could potentially damage healthy eyesight.

I have told you that UV rays are harmful on sunny days, as most of you already knew, but did you know that UV rays can radiate and shine even on cloudy days? Although the effects are not as severe, they can still damage your eyesight even when the sun is not shining to its fullest. Make sure your eyes are always protected by purchasing polarized lenses from Blublocker.com.

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