Athletic Life

On and off the field, vision is crucial to your big win. When you want the edge up on the competition you need the high definition of BluRay lenses, that only BluBlocker can give you. The Athletic Life line is designed for your competitive side. It gives you the advantage of the original NASA technology in our solid lenses. BluBlockers are made with Malenium® all the way through.

I am the modern day warrior. The Athletic Life sunglass line is my lifestyle.

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Couture Life

When you’re going out and need to make a statement you wear your original BluBlocker sunglasses.  It’s about living in complete fashion and having fun doing it.  BluBlocker is its own definition of style.  Looking this good has never… well, looked this good.  Your whole life goes into a new definition of clarity while you get the protection you need.

I am fashion.  The Couture Life sunglass line is my lifestyle.

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Club LIfe

You are the person everyone came to see.  You are the rock star of the night.  You are wearing BluBlocker sunglasses all night.  Our Club Life line is designed for those epic nights.  When you go out for a night of fun it becomes a full length feature film told for ages.

I am the late night rocker.  The Club Life sunglass line is my lifestyle.

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